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It's not like losing a watch

1. I've always had this secret passion for wanting to have sex . I've never done it before though because I'm waiting to get married . Everyime I see a hot boy , I imagine me and him married having sex .

2. There's one celebrity I would ever "do" , and that's Michael Jackson . He's just soo sexy and loving . I wonder if he was still alive , and we were even CLOSE to the same age group ,he'd love me the way I love him . I doubt it .

3. I wish that my parents would backoff and let me move out . They're way too protective - I'm not even allowed to go to an effing dance at my school ! They fear I'll lose my virginity . :/

4. I get a sexual tingling sensation when I read about sex , or naked women and men . I'm not bi , though . It just happens .

5. I've had dreams where I'm having sex with my dogs , or my best female friends . I think I'm going nuts .

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