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Latina lover

1. I obsessed with  Non-
American LATINAS. I am married to one but I can't stop trying to have sex with as many Latinas as possible. I have a steady 42 year old married latina mistress.

2. I constantly search the internet for Latina porn to masterbate too and search for Latina escorts whom I usually will pay up to $200 an hour to have sex with.

3. I have a fetish for womens feet and ankles.

4. I enjoy watching interracial cuckold porn. Specifically black men with white or latina wives.  In fact that is 90% of the porn I masterbate too. I want to set my latina mistress up with hung black men wile all I do is watch them have unprotected sex while I suck on her toes and lick her feet. Then after they are done I would have unprotected sex with her using the black mens semen as lubricant. I would make her a total slut for black men just to make me happy.

5.Me and my current wife no longer have sex because I opened up to her about my swinger fantasies and she wanted no part of it. Now with my mistress pretty much fulfilling my wishes and is open to discuss new ones my current wife no longer exites me.

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