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Just before the dawn

• I am the most paranoid female on the planet. I always think my boyfriend is cheating on me with some girl. Im so scared and sad all the time because, what if he is? I dont know what id do. Hes the love of my life. And i trust him entirely

• I love putting my headphones on full blast and close my eyes and pretend everythings all right. My entire persona is a facáde. I pretend im happy so people will wont be worried im gunna kill myself. 

• Sometimes i think they should be worried. Its not like i enjoy these thoughts. I just sometimes cant rationalize the entirety of "darkest before dawn".

• When ever my boyfriend touches me, i want him to throw me down, rip of my pants and rail me right there. But instead i pull away. 

• I really hate like 90% of people because why cant they get over themselves? Youre not perfect so stop pretending!

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