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Or it could be the raging testosterone

1. I hate playing football but I cant bring myself to quit because my whole family thinks I have a promising career if I continue
2. The girl I like always sends me mixed signals and I don't know what to make of it, I think we just connect because we are both very intimate with eachother
3. I have had sex with only 2 girls but I am considered a player because I'm always with a new girl. Until recently, Idk why I like this girl so much?
4. I am so depressed all the time but I chose to keep it to myself because I hate getting special attention. I'm way to independent to tell people about my weaknesses
5. I am very protective and easily angered and I feel that one day it will I will kill someone or possible get killed. I'm not afraid of any man, which is what makes me feel this way
* I am a 15 year old male

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