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Ricked off

1. When I was younger I'm pretty sure I got molested by my neighbor. She said that it was normal and everyone did it. Because of that I think that's what made me bi.

2. I get no love from my family and turn to guys for love. I even dropped my best friend for ten years for a guy. I was with him for eight and half months till I got bored and am not with my current boyfriend of 11 months.

3. I cheated on him though with a guy a knew for three days. He took my virginity. I wish I would have said no...I broke my boyfriend's heart. I don't even think I'll ever see the guy that took my virginity again. He was six years older than me and I was 15.

4. I have sexual fantasies about my boyfriends brother. He's so sexy and's so hard to resist. But my boyfiend is so good to me and I can't hurt him again.

5. I fucking love porn. All kinds. I watch it all the time. But the thing that ricks me off is I can masturbate myself. I need someone else or a dick. So I just watch porn for entertainment. :)

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