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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ride 'em cowboy

1. When I was going through puberty I was so horny I has sex with a horse, and surprisingly my first time with a girl her vagina felt the same, except smaller of course.
2. I am married now and will never tell my wife any of this. I am embarrassed by it. and if I had the chance to change it I would. when i was 9 or ten my brother and cousin used a bicycle pump to make me fart. I did it because they let me watch porn with them.
3. My wife lost her sex drive after about 6 months of being married and it drives me insane. I think she is very hot but I feel I'm getting bored because she never wants to have sex, she is very loving to me though.
4. I still look up porn even though I told her I stopped. I really should stop because deep down I know its wrong, I feel its wrong but I still do it. 
5. I think I want to have a secret relationship with a sexy woman, just send her pics and have her send me pics. I made a secret email just to do it,    

bonus, even if you dont want to send me pics i can be a good friend to anyone at all, i like to help people, cheer them up or get them help

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