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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sir CumsALot

I cum a lot. Everytime I cum, it seems like there's too much.  To me its cool but I have to pull out of whoever I'm screwing cuz I'm afraid the condom will break. I hope that doesn't gross them out. If I masturbate, I like to cum on myself and rub it in.  My own dick turns me on because of all the semen I  produce and its a nice sized cock if I don't say so myself.

A girl once asked me to pee on her and I did. It was awsome.  I had a lot of beer and there was so much piss. But then I didn't even bang her cuz she was covered in it.

I wanna know what its like to fuck a hot guy in the ass,  suck off his dick and get ass rammed myself. I still love fucking chicks, I just can't get these gay or bi fantasies out of my head. Idk why.

Some dude at a the club asked to buy me a drink and I turned him down because dudes don't buy dudes drinks. That's gay. But if I wasn't there with my friends, I probably would have let him. And then who knows what would have happened?

I want to leave Texas so bad. I just want to get up and leave and not tell anyone where I'm going. I hate it here in this little fucking town with a bunch of racist retards that expect you to think the same way as them. I act like I agree with there racist beliefs but its so uncomfortable for me on the inside. I like people of all kind. I wish I wasn't so much of a pussy so I can tell them how ignorant they sound.

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