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Trip of a lifetime

My ex wife left me for another man.

I was working graveyard and we didn't see each other anymore.

I'm still in love with her... but she's still with him.

I miss my daughter. I never get to see her. I bought a bunch of stocks for her out of my retirement fund.

I have a big trip planned. I've been saving for over a year. When I get back I'm going to kill myself.

[Admin here --

Getting a divorce is one of the most stressful things that a person can go through in life, and dealing with the pain of being away from your child at the same time would be incredibly hard for anyone. It may seem like the only thing left to you in this world is to try to find some fleeting happiness in travel and then let go of all the pain for good, but please think of your daughter and how many years she has left to live without a father if you do this. Go on your trip, enjoy yourself, see how many beautiful things and people there are to live for in this world -- don't leave it all behind. You have so many years left to live and see your daughter change and grow, for the wounds left behind by your wife to heal, for you to grow yourself. Please reconsider this, and try to find the help and support you need so that you can once again see all the beauty and opportunity this world still offers you. 

Much love,


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  1. Although it does hurt to know that your wife left you for another man you still have a beautiful daughter out of the relationship. No matter how much another man tries he can never replace you. Taking your own life is no answer for your pain. Time will heal your wounds. Maybe a vacation is what you really need to clear your head. Blowing off your head when you return is not a good idea. Please, as K said already, think before you do something like this. You have so much more to live for, just look in your daughter's eyes. There is another woman out there for you. You will see. Give it time.


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