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 I hate my job so much but no where else will hire me. I have worked at this shit hole for almost 5 years and they treat you like shit you get hurt they get out of paying there the biggest retailor and they can't help there own people you fuck suck.

The customers here are horrible making messes saying to there kids "its there job to pick up after you" god I would love to smake the hell out of you. Try working one day at wm and see if you could do it. I bet you can't.

The parents that don't take care of your kids you should be locked up and shot you are supose to be teching them manners not disrespect. You are really nasty. When you see someone working hard and folding shirts you shouldn't go and fuck up the whole table and department I will say this thank you to those who are nice and know what its like to work in retail and know how to refold a shirt. I think it should be mandatory that everyone work in retail for one year then you'll think again before you mess up those shirts that people are working on you need to remeber that were human so treat us with respect I'm just trying to make a hard living where I'm at 

I also hate rude people who think. They need to be treated like kids go fuck off

Kids that are so disrespecting should be hit period.

Its all about respect can't believe the people that want it but don't give it. 

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  1. You seem very hostile, with good reason, might I add. I have worked breifly in retail and I couldn't do it anymore simply because of that fact. If I take my child into a store he doesn't touch a thing. If he does he will be punished and will return whatever it was to the location where he found it. I can't stand to be looking for laundry detergent and find a box of condoms stuck behind it. If you didn't want whatever it was you picked up why not put it back where you got it from? I totally agree with what you are saying. Parents should teach their children respect and not expect you to pick up after them however, everyone doesn't think the same way we do. Sorry.


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