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Heart of stone

1. My migraines have gotten so bad lately that I want to resort back to weed. I've been clean for 2 years.
2. I love my daughter more than life itself, but question my fathering skills everyday.
3. I'm 20 and already have a kid...divorced...and wonder where my life is going.
4. My new girl is so amazing, she keeps my sanity. Gives me purpose (along with my daughter)
5. I would marry my girl tomorrow but my heart is still a rock. I want to open up but its way too soon to trust my own love.

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  1. 1. I can relate to your migraines. It's not a good feeling to have one at least 5 days out of a 7 day week. I am in the same situation. I also smoke occassionally if I can't get rid of them any other way. I have no insurance so I am forced to do whatever I can to get rid of them. I hope you can find a remedy to yours.
    2. As long as your daughter is taken care of when you have her then that's all you need to worry about. If you love your daughter and show her that love while you have her in your care then you are clearly being a good father. We are all going to get frustrated with our children sometimes but that's normal. As long as you do not cause harm to your child and she is taken care of I don't see why you should question your fathering ability.
    3. Sometimes we all make some decisions, early in life, that we wish we would have waited for. You can't help that your relationship didn't work out. Now you have a child and that will force you to grow up somewhat. Let your child be your reason for growing up. Although she will in turn keep you young.
    4. It's great to know you have a new girl. My advice would be to take things slow. Since you are young you have no reason to rush into anything. Just take your time and get to know this new girl.
    5. Don't offer to marry someone if you have a hardened heart and you are not stable in love. You have to be whole before you can find your other half. Make sure you are who you want to be before adding others to the equation. If this girl is really what you want then you will soon begin to soften and learn to love again.


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