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Someone's been watching Manswers

1.i have a gf but im addicted to pussy n wana fuk every good lookng girl I see.
2. I want to have a sex with an older hot looking women (cougar).
3. Beastiality turns me on not just any mainly girls with dogs,any girls have any interest in that field or are curious let it b known I would like to know.
4.i started smoking weed in the 6th grade,
5.i would like to go alaskan king crab fishing to see if it really is the deadliest job in the world.

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  1. 1. Get out of a relationship and feel free to fuck who you want. Your gf doesn't deserve to have someone that is going to cheat on her all the time. At least let her know what you are doing and if she choses to stay that's on her.
    2. Why don't you find some older women that want to have sex with you in your local area? Are you too scared to approach an older woman? It's not that hard.
    3. Isn't beastiality illegal in most states? That's just nasty. Are you saying you would have sex with a girl after she has had sex with a dog? That's just nasty.
    4. You started smoking it early didn't you? I think I got ahold of my first smoke when I was 17. I liked it and I continued to do it.
    5. Well, you could always go somewhere online and try to get on that boat. You can do anything you want if you try.


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