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The chick who makes K jealous

1. My first secret is...I'm in love with myself.really, I am..I think everyone is jealous of me cuz of my half ok looks and my awesome creative mind. Shit, the chick that owns this site is prolly jealous of me...jk...
2.I think 85% of black men are gay now and hiding undercover..the sick part turns me on and would love to be in a nasty ass 8 or 9 sum with undercover brothers...
3. I post on craigslist almost every other week but quickly erase the post cuz of my embarassment...though I think I'm the sexiest chick to walk the earth I KNOW a lot of people don't...and that's quite all right...
4. I have never been physically attracted to anyone I have fucked...I fucked about 20 guys in my life...15 of those was 1 night stands when I was younger. I'm 26.
5.I'm afraid no one will truly understand me or really want me..I rarely have sex now and I'm afraid to meet or talk to men. I'm a truly a hermit and it get worse by the year...I pray a strong man will get me out of this and become my one..

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  1. 1. When someone talks so highly of theirself in this way it usually means they have very low self esteem.
    2. I kinda like the idea of black guys getting it on as well. I am not so sure I want to be in the same room as 8 or 9, but 2 or 3 would be nice.
    3. Even if your looks aren't all that(according to other people), you should still leave in ad on craigslist if that's what you want to do. Someone will respond. You will be attrative to someone out there.
    4. I have also had sex with way too many men that I was not attracted to. The reason I use to do this is because I was very self conscience and in doing this I felt wanted.
    5. If you really believe in prayer, continue to pray. It will happen. You have to get involved in other activities and stop looking. When you stop looking that is when love will find you.
    Good luck in love.


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