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The dark side of forking

1. I really hate when ppl write with one capital letter then one lower case letter then one capital letter and on and on... and I especially hate when someone else writes that they hate that too but they put an example of what they are talking about... they just did what they say they hate and it seems so hypocritical... ugh...

2. I have been in a really good mood lately... I think its because the person I like hasn't gotten mad at me lately (very moody individual) ... we only talk at work but still:) 

3. I recently got some extremely good news about something very hard that has been going on in my life... things are looking better every day... the window of hope that I thought had closed has opened once more... even though its a small opening, its still an opening:) 

4. I get so lonely some times because I don't get to hang out with my friends... I can't go out because of some very personal problems that will hopefully get resolved soon:) although sometimes I do feel like just being by myself. I have great friends but I have some issues of my own where I get angry really easily or sometimes I feel so sad that I just want someone to hold me and never let go. But since I don't have that special man in my life I have to hold myself:( 

     I was just thinking about what my next secret should be... and I couldn't think of anything... I started to get mad and started to think about other post and realized something about some posts I really hate. I really hate it when all five secrets tie together. If they are all about the same thing then that should only be one secret. And I also hate when someone writes like they are talking to someone.. like each secret is a question to that person....  those post don't make sense and aren't really secrets. It fucking annoys me.  And then there are the posts that ask random questions. Wtf. Seriously... questions aren't secrets... ugh... I feel better now:)

5. Ok now that I got that off my chest... I was looking at a website last night (completely forget the name) anyways the website was about pole who do crazy shit to their body... there was this one guy who gazed his nose, lower lip, ears, even his tongue! It was some crazy ass shit... then there was a guy who split his tongue... and that was something that I used to say I wanted to do... after seeing the process of how it is done I was like hell no. My pierced tongue is as far as ill go.. Damn some ppl are crazy... lol 

I would really like to know... is the app for Android almost out? I saw how the app looks for the I phone and it looks awesome!
-R... xoxo 

[Hi R--

I'm glad you asked! The Android app has been delayed for a bit because we were having some serious issues with the back button. The technology we're using to create the app has not thus far allowed us to use the built in back button on Android phones. There is already a functional back button at the top left of every screen, however, differences in the Android interface caused the embedded button to be extremely hard to actually hit. I thought initially that we could release anyway -- I'm an iPhone user. But after testing the button myself on a Droid, I soon got so annoyed that I wanted to throw it across the room! So we've delayed. HOWEVER... My developer has figured out a workaround and has it working for a couple of the screens already. He is in the process of building a test version, and though I make no promises, I'm hoping the release will be ready by the end of the month at the latest.

Also, I wanted to comment that I also don't like posts that are addressed to a person other than the five secrets audience. The submission guidelines actually explicitly state that this type of post will not be accepted, but lately it's been a bit slow so I've let a few go here and there. Sounds like it's time for me to step up QA!

Thanks to all who have downloaded the Five Secrets Pro app for iPhone. Every download matters and I smile every morning when I check my sales reports and see that it's still selling like hotcakes. If you have already downloaded it, please take a moment to go back to the app store and leave a five star rating so that other users will know it's a great app! The new Android version is coming soon! Regardless of how you're viewing this content, I'm glad to have you here. Now back to your regularly scheduled secrets ;)


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