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In the army now

I smoked weed for the first time about a month ago, and it made me feel, good, i suppose. I would do it again, but im joing the army so thats a no go.

When i was younger, around 9 or 10, but neice, probably around 7, got in the bed with me and started touching on me. I didnt know what to thing, still to this day i wonder why a 7 year old knew about stuff like that.

Everyone in my family thinks im this good person, but im really not. I drink and smoke, im not a drinker or a smoker but i do smoke and drink. Make sense? 

There is only one person that knows the real me and thats my first gf, but our relationship turned out to be a bullshit lie, so i trfy not to care about her anymore.

I am really stoked about joining the army, i cannot wait to get out here and away from certain people.

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  1. Why would you choose for your first time experiencing weed to be before joining the Army? Makes you wish you would have done it earlier, huh?

    Well, you being the older child, should have asked her to stop. I am sure you knew it wasn't suppose to be happening. Sometimes we think about those things before or after they happen yet in the moment we freeze.

    Makes complete sense. You are an occassional drinker and smoker and for some reason you feel bad for that. Maybe your parents don't approve? Nothing you can do about that. Your parents have lived their lives, now this is yours.

    It hurts to know that you give everything to your first love and it all falls apart. That is how things happen sometimes. You will never forget her or not care about her. You are always going to wonder. That's how relationships are, but you still need to move on. Maybe joining the Army will help with that.

    Congrats on joining the Army and thanks for signing up to defend our country. I wish you luck.


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