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That's what those couches are for, right?

1. My boyfriend was so busy cheating, and I was always sitting around waiting on him. One day I was spending the night at my bff's and she was in the next room fucking his bff. When they were done and he was about to go home, he came into the room where I was sleeping. I heard him open the door and call my name, but I didn't wanna get up. He came over to the bed and pulled back the covers.  I started shivering, I heard him whisper, "you cold"?  I didn't respond.  He rolled me over and lifted my gown, I wasn't wearing any pantied.  He just started eating me out.  I wanted to act like I was in a deep sleep, but then I came so hard. He lifted his head and looked at me, he asked if I was coming over to spend the night with my boyfriend and I said yeah. He helped me outa bed, and we left.  I got to my boyfriends, and I just got into bed with him and went to sleep.  We never spoke about it after that. 

2. My co-worker and I hangout from time to time.  We hung out at a local bar a few times. She always came with her husband.  He's a pretty nice guy. I wanted to bring my boyfriend along so that I wouldn't be a third wheel, but they're just not ready for him and all his craziness. One night, we got shit-faced at the bar and we were STUPID DRUNK. I'm pretty sure I pissed damn near 20 times. Anyway I had to drive across state lines to get home, so I thought that maybe if I threw up then I'd sober up a lil. I went to the restroom and I thought I locked the door. I took a piss and dozed a lil. My co-workes husband walked in just as I flushed. I stood up, startled a bit. I was tying to pull my dress down,completely forgettin my draws are at my damn ankles.  He locked the door and came at me. He ate me out, then he fucked me six ways from sunday. He fucked me sober.  I left the bar, and that was the last time I went to that bar with them.  

3.When screwing my ex, I used to fantasize about fucking his brother, and that would get me off.

4.Sometimes at work, I go into the bathroom and masturbate until I cum at least twice.

5. I used to take guys to the empty offices of the builing I wrk in, and we would have sex on the couches in there reception areas and even in the bathrooms on the counches.  I took a guy into one of the executives offices and he ate me out on the desk, then we fucked on his couch.  I can't wait to do it again.

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