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Poor Joe Pesci

1.I've been with the same loser for over 11 yrs, and I feel like I just cannot take anymore shit.  There is nothing that he can do for me. He can't fuck me right, he can't eat my pussy right, he doesn't take me anywhere and has never baught me anything.  He's just a big old ass loser. His house is disgusting, he is disgusting. When I spend the night, I can't get comfortable, there are roaches, rats, trash that has been building for months at a time, and he has the nerve to think that I should bare with it to spend a lil time with him.  What The Fuck!!! Are you fucking serious!  When he comes to my house, IT'S CLEAN.  There may be a few pieces of clothing on the bed or on a chair, but its all clean.  There are no roaches, no mice or rats. There are no dishes sitting around on the tables or the floor, it smells nice, you can actually see my stain-free carpet. How can he look at my house and the way that I live and even think that I would want to enter a house like his??? I benefit nothing from this relationship and yet I am still here because I don't have the courage to build another relationship with someone new. I just do not believe that I will meet someone who will love and accept me the way that I am, with all of my flaws(old and new).  Honestly, I would rather just be alone, but what happens when I need to be fucked. I can't just go out and fuck anyone.  Hell, anything is better than this bull shit that I Am dealing with now.

2. A friend of mines boyfriend has been pushing her to ask me to have a threesome with them. I do want to experience a threesome one day, but not with them. Every boyfriend that she's had since we've met has tried to fuck me. I'm not talking silly flirtations or even just compliments, I'm talking blunt confessions of sexual attraction. The really fucked up part is that she knows this.  Most of them were bold enough to go to her and tell her "hey, I wanna fuck ur friend" or just suggest a 3some to prevent her from feeling left out. I have made it all too clear that I am not going there with her and her dudes of the moment, but I notice that the whole thing tends to make her hostile towards me. So in my opinion, she's not really my friend at all, and that pisses me off and makes me wanna fuck her boyfriend behind her back.  Ofcoarse I wouldn't do that.

3. I was with my ex for a long ass time, I'm talking well over 5yrs. I was there for him thru god knows how many tagedies. I really thought that he was the one. I've never been one of those girls who dreamt their dream wedding.  I just always thought that when it was meant to happen, then it would.  But with him, I felt such stability and love, that I felt in my guts gut that this was it. After his parents died, I tried to be there for him, but he was pushing me away. Whenever I wanted to see him, he would tell me that he had to go see the lawyer about his inheretance or he had to help one of his siblings with something bizarre.  It turned out that he had already recieved his inheretance and was spending it on several women, he was flaunting his money to get their attention in hopes of getting laid.  He dumped me and continued with his behavior until the money was all gone.  I'd hoped that he would learn from the situation and see that I was The One and try to make things right between us.  Thats not the case. I wish he would would get gang-raped by bunch of big dick thugs and everyone would see. I want his house and car to burn to ash and for him to have nothing left but the clothes on his back.  I want everyone he knows to turn their back on him and he becomes a social plague. I want him to die in front of me, needing CPR to save him, but I am so disgusted by him that I can't even bend to touch him. I want his dick to fall off and when he takes it to the ER, they tell him that it has rotted and that it cannot be saved or re-attached.  I want his dead parents to haunt him and tell him what a fucking disappointent he's become to them and that they wish they'd had a retarded gurl instead of him.  I want to fuck his bother and have multiple orgasms while he watches, and he begins to cry as his bother sticks his tongue down my throat.  I want him to get fired from his job and then when he asks why, they tell him they've found someone better qualified, and then I walk into the room.  Fuck it, just kill the bitch already.  Let me kill him and then recieve the Key To The City for doing them a fucking favor.  Let me shit in his mouth twice a week for the next 5 years.

4. I want to be rewarded with money for being the kind caring person that I am. I am so tired of being broke. If I could be a prostitute and get away with it, i'd have clientel all over the fucking country. I want to marry a filthy rich old bastard with a big ass dick, no kids, and he cums all over himself everytime he thinks about fucking me. All he can think about is how good it feels when his dick is sliding into my hot, wet pussy thats waiting at home for him and only him and thats enough motivation to make him give me any and everything I desire. judge me if you want, but I've given me all to being a good ass woman to a bunch of no good men and now its my turn to be happy. Why should I ware myself ragged over and over to make some sorry ass happy.  I've given and given and damnit I am not giving my last.  Something has to be left for me.  Fucking men! You bitches are worthless. You want a good woman who loves you for you, and what do you do when you get one, you use her up and mistreat her and break her down until she can't even recognize herself in the mirror. Then you go and get with the very type of bitch that you complained about to the good woman, and you treat The Bitch like she's a fucking Queen.  You trade Annie Homemake in for Plastic Barbie and when you're at your lowest, Barbie's heading out the door to find the next Mr. Big.

5. I hate it when I see a black guy or a mexican guy leave a big black o mexican woman and then go and find the fattest white girl and be happy with that shit.  Not even a pretty fat white girl, they will find a fat one that looks like Joe Pesci.

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