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What's bereavement leave?

1. I'm a vegetarian. Have been for 16 years now. I don't usually volunteer that info to people because I'm sick of the ignorance. 

2. I think if my dad was still alive, I'd care a lot more about life. My world fell apart when he died.

3. I am always on the run and in overdrive. I never have any "me time" and I think that has finally caught up to me. 

4. I never look forward to the holidays. They're just depressing anymore.

5. My last boss was a total asshole. He would verbally abuse his staff, and be so incredibly nasty. He had anger problems to the extreme. The day I left there was a liberation and it never felt so good. He let the manager can me when my dad died bc they wouldn't give me any time off to grieve. I will NEVER forgive them for that. However, the end result of me leaving there was the best thing to ever happen to me. 

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