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Verga caliente

Things are going to be so good for me the end of this week.. My youger cousin is having her fiftenth birthday!! I get to see all of my other cousins, god I love them, my family all so much.

I am single and it's starting to feel great. I'm mexican gay 19 and in Tx. Yell at me some time lol might.10 ((msn))<3

I might sign up for community college this december, thanks to one of my other cousins. She is amazing she'll get her associates degree this summer. I just started getting to know her better last Sunday. god bless her.

I don't belive in a hateful god.. I think he will accept us no matter whatsin we have lived in. Some times I ONLY belive in prayer

I want to die doing something good for someone.. I'll join the army get in the medical field if I can. I love people.

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