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We all get old some day

1.) I love my boyfriend but he treats my like shit. He doesn't buy me things or act like he loves me. he makes me buy him things and treat him like I am his mother by taking care of him. 

2.) I really wish I could find a sugar daddy to talk to over the phone and text and have him spoil me with gifts...even if he doesn't want a sexxual relationship. 

3.) I think I'm a nympho I get turned on so much I love to watch porn and fuck me boyfriend every second I can get...just thinking about a big cock in me makes me wet. 

4.) I love to have my ass licked and fucked...being double teamed is a fantasy of mine.

5.) I hate old women just the thought there old pussys and saggy wrinkly tits make me violently sick. 

P.s if there's any sugar daddys that wanna take care of a hot blonde throw me an ill make it worth your while....

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