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Sad movies get all of us sometimes

A friend of mine turned me on to five-secrets. I told him this was a stupid site and most of these people are sick. What he doesn't know is that I check it every day and read the pervy sex secrets. They get me hard and I end up jacking off thinking about doing some of the shit these weirdos talk about.

I think about marrying my gf but I think she's gonna change after we get married. She's super fucking hot and I don't want her to let herself go or get pregnant and fuck up her body. What a dick!

I also still talk to girls and go to strip clubs and tell the girls I'm single. I've even gotten blowjobs from random chicks I meet at bars. I guess that means I'm not ready to settle down.

She has dirt on me so I don't want to screw her over. One time we went out drinking and got in an argument. I passed out at her apartment and woke up to her fucking me with a dildo. Why does she even have that shit?! I didn't even tell her to stop and came without even touching my dick. I'm so embarrassed. 

Sometimes I cry during sad movies. Shut up.

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