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Fantastic and smart don't always go together

F - I recently just found out that I'm adopted. My "parents" don't know that I've found out and I don't know if I want to tell them or if I even want to look for my biological parents.

I - My parents think that my brother's been at chruch camp all week, but really, he's in Chicago with his friends. My parents think they paid for the trip, but he's been taking the money that they've given him and saved it for the Chicago trip instead. When I'm old enough next year, he's planning to take me.

G - I broke my pinky in 2nd grade and didn't tell anyone. It set all funny, so my pinky is crooked. Whenever people ask, I just tell them I was born that way. It's a lot easier saying that.

H - My best friend's boyfriend slept with her mom but she doesn't know. I don't think I want to tell her.

T - All my friends are potheads and drug dealers, but I've got no interest in using. My parents think they all go to my youth group, but really, I met them when I skipped youth group and went to an open mic night in my town instead. I think they're fanstatic people, but their lifestyles aren't the smartest to follow.

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  1. F- As long as your parents treat your as their own and you would have never guessed that you were adopted I would not fight too much over this issue. Seems as if your parents have taken care of you and loved you so that's what really matters.
    I- Why would your brother not tell your parents that he was going to Chicago with friends? He must not be of age to do as he wants. Youth camp can be fun too. Why not give that a try next year?
    G- Sometimes it's easiest to say you are born with something than to go into the story of how something happened. You aren't abnormal for doing that.
    H- That sounds like something you might want to tell your best friend. If her boyfriend would cheat on her with her own mother there is no telling who else he is with. You should say something if you are a true friend.
    T- Sometimes people judge you by the friends that you have. If you are okay with being judged as they are, then keep hanging out with them. If you are someone that really cares about what others say about you, you might want to find a new group of friends.


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