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We all need more family

1. I am very very smart, could be a model, athletic, someht musically inclined, social, and a very involved person, yet I feel totally alone and sad, even depressed at times
2. I'm 5" 7" and 120 pounds and I work out every day for high school soccer. But today my mom told me that I was fat and gaining weight so with this post I'm offically going anorexic. (I hope I don't pass out on the feild or have my eart conditon that I had surgery for some back as a side effect of this)
3. Sometimes I scratch/cut myself bacause I feel worthless and depressed
4. I think I'm too parinoid to love anyone In my life, ever
5. I consider my camp family...they may be the only reason I continue to will myself to get through the day. I would be so sad with out them. I love them so much...but everyone I know that doesn't come to my camp makes fun fe for it...and it's hard to realsie that they never will understand.  I have over 1000 hours of community service with them
bonus: if anyone I knew were to read this...I would be the last person they would expect to have all these problems

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