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Weird fantasies?

1. Im so afraid to have sex with my boyfriend. I fantasize about it a lot but so many things could go wrong. What if im bad in bed? What if after he doesnt love me anymore? I wish he would just rape me and get it overwith...

2. I like girls. Thats no secret(im a girl). The problem is I think i used to be in love with my ex-bestfriend. Shes the most beautiful girl ive ever seen. I miss her so much and i just want to kiss her and cuddle with her one more time. She hates me now though :/

3. I think im gunna screw my boyfriend before he leaves in a few months.

4. I often have weird fantasies about my bf. Like, when im in the shower, i fantasize that hes in there with me, holding me, caressing me all over. When im trying to sleep, i imagine that hes holding me and rubbing my ass and my thighs. 

5. Im completely addicted to masturbating. I do it almost every night. I love the rush! 

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