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Will blackmail for sex

1: When I was young I used to threaten my mothers boyfriends daughter to have sex w/ her by saying I would tell our parents she made me do it. She would let me put my erection inside her.

2: I also would tell  my sister the same so she would hold my dick while I put my finger in her.

3: When I was sleepin, I woke up to my uncle poking my ass through my PJs. I pretended to wake up eventuality. He's still my best friend to  this day.

4: I seem to get off by the thought of teaching pretty little girls about sex and wanting to watch them have their first orgasm.(yet I hate men who molest little children. I really fucking hate hearing about child molestation an abuse)

5: I would like to put a secret on here thats not sexually related. I suppose that's all i got....

My friend and I would suck each others dick. It happened twice. We eventuality tried anal. I put it on his ass and I was pissed cuz he didn't return the favor. Haha. I'm pretty sure I'm straight. I see so many good looking girls and women and I think of is if their panties are wet or giving them an orgasm w/o doin anything but hypnotism, or just by me talkin w/ them. I'm currently messing w/ a 36 year old, married,  mother of 4... and I want more variety of women on my sides.

(Id like to know if this is normal. If women would go for a guy like me had they known these facts already. Also if some women experience anything similar to any of the secrets...)

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