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Friday, October 1, 2010

Boy for tomboy

I really want to have sex with that girl who says she's a tomboy even though she says she only likes girls. I think she should reconsider

I think that girls wearing baseball hats make them all look fuckin hot

When I was 16 (I am 19 now) I got 2 handfulls of pills when I had a stomach ache and almost downed them all. I don't know why I did it it was a moment thing I guess. I had about 30 pills in my hands but ended up only taking 3.

I think I'm going to die when I'm very young

I hate the secrets that people put on when they aren't even real secrets. People don't seem to understand that it is FIVE SECRETS not 3 secrets and what me and my girlfriend argue about. Just cuz I don't know it if I'm not in your life doesn't make it a secret. So I don't want to keep going but I can be happy knowing that I actually put in FIVE secrets.

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