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Friday, October 1, 2010

Till next time

I am not extremely depressed but I always feel like I got shorted in life. I am a good learner and do well in many things but I am not really great in anything. For example I can draw but not fantastic enough to go to school for it.

I am jealous still of my older brother. My mom loves him so much and never talks negative to him or about hime and always defends him. Yet he has no money a shitty job and only cares about his friends and car. Yet I. Work my ass off, I take care of other people, help with the house, cook for the family half of the time to help mum, yet it is never good enough for her and I am always criticized.

Work is a bitch. We have these stupid assholes who have worse self confidence issues than me but handle wrong by talking shit, and gossiping and lying. And if u do something better than them or if ur patient commends u. They sabotage ur work and make u look aweful. I really wish I could steal their pets and cook them and feed them to their owners without them knowing. 

My old roommate got too close to me and used to grope my ass and fondle me when ever he got really stupid or drunk. Got rid of him quick after too many close encounters.

I have this strange ability to make men doubt themselves because they find me attractive even though I am a guy. I am comfortable to be around, compatable with all types of personalities, and probably can do a better job than most chicks with cooking cleaning etc etc. More than once I have been told that they wish I was a chick. I already got the skills and good personality,and the good looks and good body for it too. I have long legs a round butt skinny waist etc etc. But I am still very maculine, no fem boy. 

I still miss my best friend. He had a heart attack this year. He was the only person who never talked bad about anyone, always was proud of me, and corrected me about my negative feelings, and helped me cope and get over things. He also had a small attraction to me but was good and loyal to his wife. I love her but if he wasn't married I. Probably would have switched teams for him. Anyways, miss him a lot, old enough to be my dad, the world needs him, and I will continue to try my best to make him proud and continue his legacy of helping others like he did me. Till next time bro.  

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