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Congratulations to the queen

1 I had the worst night of my life at homecoming. It's my senior year and I was rejected by a good number of girls . I ended up going wIth this girl who i didnt really want to to so i had a date.the girl of my
dreams ( who I ask to homecoming but was already going with a gay guy
friend ) ended up winning homecoming
 queen. When I tried dancin with her she told me to go dance with her fie d who I brought buy she would grind with me or really even touch me.
2 I honestly hate myself more than anything else in the world. I would love to blow my brains out in front of the whole world.
3 I have these extremely bad urges to beat the living shit out of people and send them to the hospital . I fantasize about the faces becoming a bloody pulp.
4 I wish I could go to college already. I'm begging to hate everyone around me. I have a few good friends but everyone else still remembers the person I used to be.
5 my parents are arguing right now. I can here the yelling through blasting ear buds. I started this fight. I didn't tell my mom I was working an she got all angry an started yelling at me so I went upstairs and she said she was taking away my car. The her and my dad started fighting.
Bonus- to my dream girl HG I love you more than u can ever imagine and u have hurt me more then u will ever know congrats on hc queen .

Gender: male
Sexual Orientation: straight

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