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1. I have  a great wife and she gives me a lot of sex, blowjobs etc. I really should not complain, but it is just not enough. Even when we have sex several times a day, it still is not enough.

2. I have a urine fetish, and I have never lived it out. I want to so much. I want to convince my wife that it is fun, and do this with her. I want to have her pee in my mouth, and I want to pee in hers.

3. I love blowjobs and oral sex more than actual intercourse. This is probably related to #2.

4. I jack off every chance I get. I love my dick. I love touching it, feeling it and I love making myself cum.

5. When I am home alone, I always get horny. Porno is not THAT fun to jack off to, so I have found a much better solution. I go online in chat rooms, and find girls (I do always make sure they are over 18 - I am not a creep) and talk them into having phone sex with me. I find that asian girls are usually the easiest to get a number from, Americans the hardest. I have several girls on speed call that wants me to call when ever I am horny and want me to jack off for them. I have so much fun doing this. Some girls will even masturbate with me if I catch them home alone.

6 (Bonus secret): When I was very young (13-16) I had sex with my neightbor's son (who was a couple of years older) MANY times. I have given so many blowjobs through those years and gotten just as many. I don't think of myself as gay, hardly even bisexual. I think of that time as me exploring my body and learning about sex. John taught me a lot, and I would not be the lover I am today was it not for him. I do admit, I miss sucking cock every now and then. If I ever got the offer, and nobody would find out, I would probably do it again.

Gender: male
Sexual Orientation: straight

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