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Digital media has its perks

1.  I worry one day I'll be too old to get a hard on without taking a blue pill. How humiliating would that be... Hang on 20 mins sweetie whilst my pill kicks in.  I'm mid forties and it's coming soon enough.
2. I want to fuck a young woman one last time. Like a 20 y.o.  I've never paid for sex but I might just
3. I think I might be a racist. My neighbour is Indian and I was horrified when he moved in.  He cooks really smelly food, the odour bothers me.  Never bothered about such things before
4. In my job my boss stole 20 thousand bucks from a subcontractor who forgot to invoice for work they'd done.  I know they're stupid not to keep better records but it still bothers me, the subcontractor is laying people off.
5. My stepdaughter (full grown when me and her mom got together) deleted some pictures of her kids by accident.  She gave me the SD card and when I had a look there were loads of pictures of her naked there too. I kept them and jacked off to them. I feel guilty about that, but I've not deleted the pics.  They're what's driving the urge to sleep with a young woman one last time.

Gender: male
Sexual Orientation: straight

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