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Don't Ask Don't Tell (is stupid)

. I joined the Army when I was 18 to get away from my crazy

. After about 5 years in I found my commanders night vision goggles laying on the ground while in the field so I through them in the creek cause I hated that selfish SOB. He got I in so much crap and had to pay for them. 

. A lesbian soldierfriend of mine on th same post as us secretly asked me pretend to be her boyfriend and to make out with her in public for around 3 months because she was seen at the mall with her "gf" and word was starting to get around her command that she was homosexual. She loved the military and did not want to get kicked out.  Needless to say our acting worked. 

. Now in my 30's and a civilian my neighboors wife who flirted with a lot family ask me for just one good hour of decent sex.  Well, I'm here to

.i come to this site everyday because every time I look at the admin's photo the more gorgeous she gets. Maybe I should quit having hopeless crushes and get a life.

[Admin needs love too. You made my day. Thank you. -K]

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  1. K,
    Sorry for all the typos. I was using Swype for Android and have not got it down right yet. I just read the post and realized I made no sense in some parts. Example.. "flirted with a lot family ask me". It should have said, "lot and finally asked".
    Ok now that I presented myself as a non-spelling dork in front of you I am now burying my head in the virtual sand.

  2. Hi S --

    Don't worry about the typos. I know that most of the people who post to the site are doing so from mobile devices, so I never judge people on spelling/typos. Besides, I have never added a spellchecker to the submission box. I'm not sure if I can, but I'll look into to it today, I think people would appreciate it from both a posting and reading standpoint.


  3. awesome K!

    will you marry me?

  4. Rav: After one very long engagement and two near misses, I have finally learned that in spite of my "Never a bride" complex, getting married is, in fact, a really big deal and a hard decision to make even after knowing one another for years. So sure--what the hell.

    Oh wait... no. Thanks for asking ;)

    S: It appears that google forms (my present means of gathering secrets), does not allow me to add a built in spellchecker, so I guess everyone who freaks out when they see their own typos or those of others will have to continue suffering for the time being. So it goes.


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