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.1.  I really want to wear a strap on and fuck another girl and then fuck a guy. 
.2.  I wish I could meet someone who just wanted to fulfill my fantasies (and vis versa) but not be involved in my life in any other way. Not knowing my friends, family, where I live, etc.
.3.  I only have four "friends" in my life. One is starting to go back to being a hermit and not hang out anymore. Two are guys who just want to get with me. So really I only have one real friend and she doesn't live even remotely near me. I only see her once a year or so.   This is a lonely secret of mine...
.4.  I want to record every time I have sex so I can put lots of the video clips all together and make a fun intense porn to get myself off to.
.5.  I've never slept with a black guy and I REALLY want to...  People should email me and entertain me....  ;)

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