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Can't get no... satisfaction

1).. I wish I had the guts to have a affair

2).. Im a freak in bed, I want to do anything and everything, but he dosent want to..

3).. Im addicted to Sex and Porn.. Nothing satisfies me.

4).. I am sooo hard to please... In bed or in general

5).. I do love him... But I wish things were a million times different

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  1. I can totally relate as a male....except that I am easy to please!!
    I would let your husband know how you feel. it may seem hard to do and you probably won't get a good response out of him. I wish I had before I started my affairs. Once my wife found out what I did, she heard me loud and clear. Unfortunatly, I discovered that I did not love my wife anymore. We are working through it, but it's hard. I know how you feel.
    Good luck.


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