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A match made in heaven

1 I own a dildo, a strap on and a few other sex toys.

2 I like to switch roles with my wife and dress up like a girl with the stockings and the heals and makeup. She gets totally into it. I love having my legs over her shoulders whiles she fucks my ass like a dirty little girl and makes me suck on the fake cock.

3 She's a squirter. Oh wait... these are my secrets. Ok. I make her squirt. How's that? I love when I pull out of her and she squirts all over me. Or if I'm eating her out and she squirts in my face. Lol. We're both cum drinkers. I even like to make out with her after blowing my load in her mouth.

4 I had a gay experience when I was younger that lasted for about 3 years. I used to make out with and be suck buddies with these two guys in high school. My wife gets turned on when I tell her the stories about me taking loads to the face. I love her. ;)

5 I have no gay pride whatsoever. That's why this is a secret. My wife is the only one I have told about any of this and I act totally straight in public.

Gender: male
Sexual Orientation: bisexual

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