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Need a writer? Hire Admin!

Hi All --

A thus far little-known fact about Admin ( is that IRL, I'm a freelance writer. I have experience writing for education, marketing, correspondence, press releases, grants, op-ed, fiction, humor, poetry, essay, SEO and so on. I have written for a variety of industries, including professional services, insurance, finance, health services, and higher education. Like my titles? My random stories and notes to posters? You'll love my professional work too. 

If you need some pretty words, for anything -- your website, your job, your business, your book, your love life -- send an email to to request writing samples, rates, or anything else you need. I have reasonable hourly and per-word rates. No assignment is too big or small -- I'll write anything from a classified ad to a full length book (with a signed, legally-binding statement of work, of course). Serious inquiries only, please. 

And now this shameless plug is over. On with the secrets!

(aka: admin or just plain old Kelly)

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