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Online guy is missing out

1.i've been speaking to this guy online for 5 years. never met him but he feels like one of my closest friends, even more than that. i think if i met him i could fall in love with him. or not. most likely ill never know and it really hurts.

2.i think about sex ALL the time. all sorts of ways. wanting to try gangbangs (id never do it, really.) and trying it with girls (that, i would.) and yet when it comes to having sex with someone i back off. i think i might have a bit of  a phobia of it.

3.being single is great and all. but really feels lonely when youre the only single one in your group of friends.

4. i often get off to fantasies of online guy fucking me hard in a hotel shower.

5.i sometimes feel like people who say are my friends, really hate me.

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