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You're better with two legs anyway

1. I have been in a 2year relationship with my girl...I f*cking hate it..she tries to controll everything & we always argue because I speak up...I wish I could hurt her really bad.  
2. I would cut off my own leg to be with my first love again but she's all into God now and won't be in a lesbian relationship with me again.hmm she wasn't saying that when she was fucking the shit out of me in her dads (the pastor) house.
3. Im making plans to move soon, nobody will know except my best friend oh and I'm gonna do it while my gf is at work so I don't have to put up with her bullshit words.
4. I don't find my gf attractive anymore...I don't let her even touch me to much because it makes me feel nauseated so we hardly have sex and I masturbate a lot to get my nuts.
5.I always wanted to fuck my first in her dads church in his office or the baptism pool..I love to sneak and do things like this its a turn on and adrenaline rush for me.
PS- I don't care who I'm with I could be in love with the person even and I would still leave them to be with my first..I was 15 my first 26 when we got tell me why I'm still so attached...I just love her =\

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