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Screams that would wake the world

-I've been looking at men who are considerably older than me and thinking how I would love to have mindless sex with them.. I just think they could please me.
-I'm 17 and I spend my night masturbating over people I know I can't have. It makes it all so much more exciting. 
-I want the person I'm in love with to be jealous of other people, to be possessive of me. I know he's a submissive lover, but I wish he'd make a move already. 
-I have a crush on a girl who'd never want me. I think she's straight, which is a shame indeed, I think we'd be perfect together.
-I enjoy masturbating more than sex. I can go again over and over and over .. And over. I orgasm every time, and have to bite my tongue not to scream and wake everyone up. 

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