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The monkey unspanked

1. my wife doesn't love me the way she use to. All her friends eye fuck the shtt out of me when ever I'm around. One of them grabbed my dick in the club one night when my girl wasn't there and told me to come to her house cuz she said she wanted  to "taste me"....tempting as hell, but I turned her down (never told wifey that)

2.I wanna get my dick sucked by two girls at the same time.

3. I smoke weed everyday. Haze n kush reg.

4. My wife never wants to fuck anymore. I got a 8 inch dick that alotta bitches would die to sit on. She will drive me into the legs of another woman real soon...I don't want to do it, but I refuse to with wives shouldn't have to spank their own monkey

5. I miss my pimp days...when I would get fucked, sucked n swallowed by the sexiest chicks around....gave all that up for a woman who takes me for granted...smh.    

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