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You're good enough right now

1) my ex is the only person I want to be with for the rest of my life, but he's an idiot who doesn't know what he wants. Sometimes he makes me fucking hate him, but I love him so much I deal with it when he's an ass.

2) I never cheated on him, even though there's tons of rumors that I did, and he doesn't believe me when i tell him I never cheated.

3) I found out he's been talking to other girls. Knowing that he's kind of moving on makes me want to die...

4) i've been contemplating suicide over this breakup for the past month. I feel like I'm never going to be good enough for him, and that he'll never want me back, and I'd rather die than live without him.

5) my best friend likes me, he always buys me things and takes me out to eat...I don't like him like that, but I still let him because he makes me feel wanted, makes me feel like someday I'll be good enough.

Bonus: I still sleep with my ex every now an then. I start fights and then we have makeup sex...I just can't let him go...

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: bisexual

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