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Any sisters into anal?

1. I love my girl and we will end up getting married no doubt in my mind but I have never been with a black women(whom I find so sexy) or tried anal(my girl is not into that at all)
2. Even though the sex with my girl is mindblowing I still want to do both things from #1 before I me a scumbag if you want but somehow I feel doing them before marrying won't make me feel as guilty.
3. I have a chip on my shoulder all the time because I was always a chucky guy and lots of women passed on me..BUT I have a big cock that I use very was their me
4. My girl and I have a gay friend who saw my cock by he looks at me different too..I'm almost positive me wants a piece. Not that I would do anything with him...but I can't say I don't like the attention.
5. If anyone thinks they can help with #1...let me away...I'm always reading

Gender: male
Sexual Orientation: straight

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