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1. I'm such a dumbass.  Now I only have 9 dollars left and I don't even get paid till next Friday.......FUCKKKKKKKKKKK

2.  I spend money on shit I don't even fucking use.....for what, people don't care about what I have they care about what they have...if you listen to people talk you realize I'm right and every person that reads this then needs to click the "I can relate" button.

3. I sound like a hypocrite for saying this but I can't blame those same people.  You gotta do for you.  If you don't, no one on the planet will.

4.  When they say shit happens for a reason it does.  Sit back and smoke some weed get real deep with yourself and you see that everything that happened to you was a result of something you did.  I better be getting a lot of "I can relates" lol you know I'm right though.  If you don't go deep enough you won't be able to relate.

5.  This is one of my craziest years ever.  One where I found out that shit, this game we call life is so ugly at times.  I mean I got myself into a serious bind here.  Like no ones pregnant and I don't have any diseases, but I'm struggling so hard this year to keep up with my image.  Ladies and gentleman I just got the BIGGEST FUCKING REALITY CHECK OF MY LIFE. Life is what you make it and I am paying deeply for trying to act like I'm motherfucking p diddy and shit.  DON'T DO like saying it ain't trickin if you got....ok about I got it but I ain't trickin...I don't know where that came from I'm just so mad at myself right now.  And K hunny can you please make that the headline everything I put in caps.

Bonus...its the reefer madness guy, and I said something about justin beiber in my other one...I forget if I did 2 or 3 posts right now tho...guess why lol I'M HIGH lol...K baby, I'm a big fan I fucking love you and feel a million times better now that I've vented have a goodnight or day depending on what time it is

Gender: male
Sexual Orientation: none chosen

[Love you too babe. Stop spending your money on stupid shit. Shit will never make you happy and conspicuous consumption is terrible for the planet anyway. Happiness is all about experiences. And hey, I can relate ;)

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  1. i guess no one can relate

  2. You my type of nigga to smoke with.! I fux with you. -Dee Spfld,MA


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