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Being open minded pays off

1) I'm married and have been fucking my sister in law for years.her and I click as far as sex goes.

2) I had a fling with a gay guy.I would blow him. he would blow me and fuck me in my ass.

3) There is this one female that i was fucking on and off for awhile,well she became pregnant and had a daughter. she once told me I was the father.I didn't believe her.Now the girl and my daughter both attend the same school.I want to get a DNA test.

4)At night after my wife take off her clothes and puts them in the hamper,I like to seek out her panties and sniff them.The sent drives my wild.

5)I have a fantasy that I would like to come true. I want my wife to lick my Butt hole.I know she won't ever do this.I guess its back to my sister in law.

Gender: male
Sexual Orientation: bisexual

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