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Woman Worshipper

1 I go on this sight every night good job k ;)
2 half the time when one of the women on here posts that they think no man will love them I just laugh , not because i'm cruel but because guys like me exist I love all women I love the way they think and I love the way they talk and smell
3 when I was 15 I saved my friends girlfriends life she rode me for the rest of highschool
4 I love to please women without getting off myself I want them to feel like goddesses
5 I don't like giant breasts any more than small ones they are all gorgeous and amazing to the touch

Gender: male
Sexual Orientation: straight

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  1. Omg I wish there were more men like you! I would love to not be treated like crap for once! Why can't there be more like you! Maybe then I would actually fell good about myself and maybe even enjoy sex!

  2. Wow, where are you? I need a man like you. I have always been with losers simply because I am easy to please and I do everything I can to make the man that I am with happy. However, I do occassional want to GET the extra attention that I am always giving. :)


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