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Dad probably doesn't feel good enough either

1). I'm currently in a long distance relationship, the guylives 6 hours away, & I don't want my feelings to grow, cause ill never have the relationship I want with him, I wanna be able to see him every other day - but I know that'll never happen, other then that we have a good relationship.
2i I honestly have too many secerts, & I tend to keep a lot of them inside of me. I don't like sharing with people, that's why I love this site, sucha amazing venter!
3) ahh, I'm obsessed with looking perfect all the time, I wanna look so good that guys imagine fucking me repeatly! But I know ill never be as perfect as I wanna be.
4) I hate hate hate hate my brother, he acts all big & tough, he anit shit without his bitch friends. He's 17, & a pathedic dropout. Whata shame, he has high dreams. HA yeah right
5) I hate having to watch my parents disfuctional relationship , I've never seen one funtional relationship ever, its depressing but also amazing, cause now I know what NOT to look for in a relationship. I just wish I could've grown up with someone funtional.
Bonus; I swear everyone in my family hates me. :/ they never like having me around, esoecually my dad, he calls me ugly & acts like he doesn't love me. I feel like I'll bever be good enough for him or anyone else. ):

P.S: I love "k" she's like gorgeous,I'm jealous of her forreal. & I love her for making this site &

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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