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Dear Penthouse...

1. I stayed by my boyfriends house while his sister was in town for a week he was at work and she started flirting with me then she started feeling on me. I didn't kno way to do so I didn't do anything then she stuck her hand down me pants and started playing with me we started makingout and she took me pant off and ate me out.
2. I had sex with my doctor in the doctors office durin my check up
3. The doctor I fucked was my boyfriend and his sister was a lawyer that ate me out
4. Me and my boyfriend visited his sister out of state we sat on the couch she started sucking on my nipples and fingering me while her brother was at the store.
5. Her boyfriend walked in an said what the fuck it this you didn't tell me you had company and join in an fucked the shit out of me all while my boyfriend was at the store.

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: bisexual

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