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Drag queens have got it going on

1. My roommate had his "friend" stay with us for awhile
But he was deff taking advantage of my I took
His toothbrush and stuck it in my ass... *scrubs*

2.I smoke too much weed but I'm just not the same person without it.

3. I have a crush on my bestfriend...she's says she's not
Gay..but I think "shit might haapen".

4. I would love to have lots,lots, of SEX with diffrent types of sexy girls.

5.I wanna be a FoxQueen...(I think that's what you call it)
But basically its when a girl acts like a drag queen
* so a femala acting like a male that's acting like female*

*** Is that weird? @ #5

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: gay

[Admin here --

I don't think it's weird. There is a big drag pageant here every year, and I went to see it for the first time a couple of years ago. All I could think was that I wished I could be so fabulous. Drag queens have a confidence and vivacity that would make any woman more beautiful if she could duplicate it. I love too that drag queens of all shapes and sizes work whatever they've got. I wish I could do the same instead of worrying about what I look like all the time. I've never heard of a fox queen, but I dig.


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