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Felonies: the gift the keeps on giving

1)my mom smoked crack for 15-16yrs and now says she's jelous of my aunt and
 my close relationship....
2) I sometimes miss my ex although he treated me like shit & cheated a million times I feel in my heart he's my soulmate
3)maybe I settled when I married my husband but I'm married now...
4)all my friends are having children and I feel left out even though I have the husband & the killing part is both of us are infertile & have felonies so adoption is completely out...
5)I sometimes go over board when I punish my dog for peeing in the house,I love her but at times I get soooo mad that I can't calm down.

And I hope & pray that's not the kind of mother I'll be....Any advice k on any of it?

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: bisexual

[1. It sounds as though your mom has conquered her addiction, and if so, good for her. I suspect she is jealous because she regrets that her crack habit prevented her from being there for you and closer. I had a difficult mother daughter relationship for many years, I have to say that I am a lot happier knowing that things are okay between she and I now. Given that, I'd say maintain your relationship with your aunt and if you haven't already, try to make a little more room in your life for your mom. If it turns unhealthy, protect yourself first.
2. Do you love yourself so little that you deserve a cheating soulmate who treats you like shit?
3. It's never too late.
4. What will be will be -- we all have different life paths and if you don't end up having children, you will have other experiences in your life that those with children likely would not.
5. When I was younger, I used to lash out in frustration towards pets and always ended up feeling really terrible about it later. When you get angry at your dog, try to stop and remember that punishment will only ultimately make her even less likely to behave. Take deep breaths, count, call up a friend and complain, or vent your upset in some other less harmful way -- you will thank yourself later. There are also lots of resources on the internet on dog training that might help as well. Remember that dogs are loyal partners and friends -- they mostly just want you to love them, but they are smart enough that they have their own emotions and do things, often negative things, to express that just like us. I eat a giant bucket of ice cream, a dog pees on the floor or chews something up.

Hope this helped. Thanks for reading and posting. Tell your friends!

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