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Child ≠ Excuse

I posted on here about pay backs a bitch and that I'm gone steal the money and the weed, well since then, its sad to say I fuccked up again.. and its AWESOME!
1. I am cheating on my boyfriend of 1yr with his best friend in the whole world. Its like his brother I just cheated on him like 5 mins. Ago isucked I his dick and everyyythin and I washed myself off but I'm about to get in the bed and kiss my boyfriend before I brush my teeth.
2. The way I think abou that is paybacks a bitch if you won't eat my pussy someone else will and ima do the same for them get what you give.
3. Like I said onve b4 I'm going to leave my boyfriend eventually but idk if I can, I love him a lot he's just horrible in bed.
4. His best friends dick is way bigger than his and it makes me worry bout if my man will be able to tell I've been fuckin around.
5. I plan on taking my birth control out and making my man a father so it will give me an excuse to finally be able to leave him at home like he does to me with my kid all the time.

K- I really love it when you make up these titles for this stuff it makes me feel like I am kinda gettin your opinion in a nut shell! Its very entertaining.

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: bisexual

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