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Felons make great roommates

I hate my friends. I think their deppressed confused bitches who say no to me and yes to each other. I hate how they havr dithed me in the past and but if I do it I get hanged up on.

I cheated on my boyfriend last night. The guy had hot pictures, but a receding hair line I didn't see in the picture. He was soo hot (in the pic) but he had a small dick. I regret doing it. He came in me and I had to get the AM after pill. Never again.

I want to move in with my boyfriend,the felon. I really want to. I think it would work out great. I need to get away from my current place. It's just too much.

I want to be in porn or a stripper.

I want to be happy most of all.

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: other

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