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Straight laced rednecks don't know how to get freaky

(one) I constantly am thinkin about sex. (which for me is no suprise) but I think of girl on girl or imagin watching my boyfriend have sex with another girl as I watch. I love playin with myself thinking about my boyfriend comin on my face or letting me play with his ass.

None of this will prolly happen for me, but now im turned on just thinkin about it.

(two) im young, beautiful 19 year old stripper. Im very classy about it & men love my "innocents".. The secret I know how they preseve me & it turns me on even more.

(three) my boyfriend thinks he has complete control over me.. In reality I just like him to believe he is because dimination is a turn on for me.

(four) I want my boyfriend to rape & beat me atleast once.

(five) my boyfriend is a straight laced redneck will never fully please me but Im in "love"

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: bisexual

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